The C Zone Fitness Studio - "Get Into the Zone, See the Results"
Class Schedule
Morning Classes
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:15am, Cardio Blast
Tuesday and Thursday, 9:15am, Total Tone

Evening Classes
Monday and Wednesday, 6:15pm, Total Tone
Tuesday and Thursday, 6:15pm, Cardio Blast
Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30pm, Bootcamp

Saturday Schedule
9:00am Bootcamp
10:00am Cardio Blast or Christie's Choice
Current Class Descriptions
Cardio Blast-1 hour
This high-energy, fat-burning workout incorporates traditional high and low impact moves with athletic aerobic movements as well as strength training. In this class, you will get a blast of cardio all the while having the feeling of a great workout.  You will sweat in this class.  All ages and ability levels are welcome.
Boot Camp-45 min
No guts, no glory in this total body workout! This class is designed for those that want to see a change in their bodies as well as give a kick to your current fitness routine.  Intense interval training with “boot camp” style drills will keep you jumping, hopping, but mostly sweating during this 45 minute-long class.    Each class is different but all will focus on strength, flexibility, aerobic power and endurance. This class incorporates drills designed to enhance agility, speed, power, strength, and quickness. Check “lazy” at the door when you step into this workout. Boot Camp works you head to toe so you will be ready for anything life brings.
Total Tone-1 hour
Do you want a tight, toned, and sculpted body? Each week has a focus (upperbody, lowerbody, and core) and we rotate weeks.  The workout is designed around using your bodyweight, bands, balls, free weights, and other fitness equipment. This is the ultimate workout to define your body regardless of your age, fitness level, or gender!
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